I actually like the new update

I know there is alot still to criticize the game for, but at the moment, things feel pretty good now, and I was a pretty big detractor so far with how progression was until now. At the very least, being able to level up at least once a day every day at my own pace feels pretty good, since I suck and I can only really play against bots in at least a fun way. Granted, I wish there were some daily challenges to be thrown into the mix to shake up the norm of having the weekly tasks to do. Since it was the new week, I got through most of the easier stuff with a double XP boost, and since I leveled up fairly fast in the BP, I recouped it easily enough through the progression I got, which got me another one without having to pay a cent.


Yeah the new system is better than either of the old two, but

  1. Challenges still incentivize players to play selfishly
  2. There is no incentive to play well or try to win
  3. We still can’t choose the gametypes we actually want to play

So there’s definitely a ways to go on the system.

Indeed, but it’s not like 343 just has a ‘fix everything button’.

That said, I’m really surprised that isn’t a per-match “win the match” challenge. That would seem to be an easy fix.

I am well aware. I’m a dev myself. There’s just a tendency for people/news outlets to go “the company FIXED the thing!” for clickbait and then the issue is swept under the rug, still broken.