I absolutely love this game!!! :D :D :D

But I am worried about a particular issue. I’ll be comparing this mainly to my experience with Halo Reach’s multiplayer

I’ll start with the bad:

HORRIBLE framerate issues with 2 player split screen on larger maps. My friend comes over every week or two to play halo, something we’ve done since Reach and we never had trouble before with any kind of framerate loss.

I recently realized how AMAZING big team battle is on Halo 4, I haven’t had this much fun in a Halo game since Halo 1 on PC. However, I’m afraid that when my friend comes over we’ll just have to take turns. I’ll verify and document this problem sometime in the next week.

The good:

FINALLY. A halo game that prioritizes aiming and shooting and tactical decisions over mindlessly spamming grenades or sprinting in and melee-ing twice. Weapons finally seem to do the amount of damage you’d want them to, and grenades have been put in their place. They’re still effective, but they aren’t the horrible, over-powered garbage game mechanic they were before.

Armor abilities can provide situational advantages but aren’t nearly as annoying as in Halo Reach.

Also, jumpers. Because of how much it took to kill someone in Halo Reach, people bunny hopping all over the place could often end up with an annoying advantage. Sure it wasn’t an automatic advantage and wasn’t a guaranteed win for them, but it looked stupid, it made no sense that -jumping through the air- didn’t effect their aiming in the slightest.

Now with how quickly I can gun someone down, them jumping around like a silly rabbit has only resulted in them dying nearly every time.

TLDR: Thank you for making a game where I feel like -skill-, not abusing unbalanced and poorly executed game mechanics leads to victory.

This post probably won’t be popular, but if you disagree, please be civil. I’m open to discussion but I don’t want to just rage at each other with our opinions.