Hypothetically, who is the most hated character?

Considering there’s at least 5 chief vs locke threads a day. I figure I’d create a different, yet in the same vein type of poll.
The winner gets to be the main protagonist of Halo 6 ok? ok.

I think everyone hates Palmer more but at the same time they hate Locke, But Lockes character to me has more potential so i’d say sarah is probably the more hated out of the community.

I hate locke… but i really REALLY hate palmer… she needs to die. the reason i like locke more is because i love his armour, one of my favs in the halo story…

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First in. Last out.

I love Palmer, it is silly to hate her.

Oh boy, wait till you see the ending…

I’d put a bullet in Locke but I’d put three full mags into Palmer. 343i needs to let me kill her. Even Del Rio is better than Palmer.

At the moment I hate no one. After I’ve played through the campaign, this will maybe change.

Damn guys, Palmer isn’t that bad… lol

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> Damn guys, Palmer isn’t that bad… lol

She is not that bad at all!!!

I hate LOCKE!!!
About Palmer I dont care, i ignore her.she is insignificant forme.

I think Locke is a great character

Palmer. I -Yoinking!- hate Palmer.

For anyone who’s played through the entirety of Halo 5’s campaign, please tell me that she dies.

I guess I’ll never understand the Palmer hate…

For me it’s tanaka, she has the least amount of back story and I was really hoping for buck and Romeo in Osiris :slight_smile: Palmer doesn’t bother me and Locke is a bad -Yoink-

Palmer has had a lot of chances of making me feel any sympathy and admiration for her; during Halo 4, during Spartan Ops, Initiation, Escalation, New Blood, Spartan Assault…

in all of which, she has amazingly failed while being underwhelmingly flat and unlikable, not to mention that he hasn’t shown anything but cocky one-liners; trying to hard and failing miserably.

And that’s a pitty, because 343I’s effort to put her in front of so many media shows their DESPERATION to make us like her.