Hyperfocus on progression

Do you find yourself significantly altering your play style to achieve certain challenges? Do you find yourself quitting matches to get that game mode you need? Do you ignore sound strategy to hunt for that random weapon or unique situation that would help your XP progression?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please stop this behavior! I realize that 343 is to blame for these distracting challenges, I’m not defending them. But you need to realize that 343 is watching all this data closely and your behavior is actually skewing the data against those of us that actually want to see the game improved (I’m sure you fall in this category yourself). If 343 sees that no one is completing certain challenges, then those challenges are more likely to get removed or reworked. A bad challenge that gets completed could lead 343 to think that it is a good challenge. Completing that challenge that you hate only increases the chances that it will persist and you’ll see it again, don’t pour salt in your own wounds.


My suggestion: Work on the challenges in a way that compliments your play style, not distracts from it. Use a skip if you can and share your feedback on these forums on what specific challenges need to get axed or improved. Sure, try to get a better handle on that random weapon as it is convenient, but don’t ruin your and other’s matches in search of it.

My closing plea to 343: Please be more generous with the challenge swaps while we are sorting through the challenges that are negatively impacting the game. Forcing players to pay for swaps is wrong when you have admitted that many challenges need improvement.

A better solutioun wouldve been for 343 not to design their game to frustrate players.


its not a case of removing or reworking certain challenges its just a matter that progression should not be linked to challenges at all and should simply be awarded based on personal and team performance so that playing objectives and getting a win is incentivised over completing challenges, this also would not work until we get A LOT more playlists and people can pick the game modes they want to play

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We don’t have much choice. The only alternatives to completing a hard challenge is to waste a challenge swap or not get your weekly free cosmetic.

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My point is to not perpetuate the problem by trying so hard and validating 343s design choices. Go ahead and miss out on the weekly cosmetic, they are not so great that players should ruin their own and other’s experience for it. And if only a small percentage of players get the unlock then 343 will know better how to fix the problem.

how are you arguing that a paying customer should alter the way they want to use a product they paid for in order to convince the company that made the game to change some thing. These weekly rewards are likely a 1 time thing, people who enjoy any form of collection or rare cosmetics are of course going to try and get them all neither me, you or 343 will change that fact the only thing that can change is whether that process is fun and feels rewarding or not. 343 know that these are not fun challenges but they do drive player number thats why they made them like this, this is why challenges simply don’t work for progression in this context, it’s not hard to change, just reward players based on their performance and the performance of their team, eg giving more xp to the winning team, this incentives teamplay and allows player to progress by doing the game modes that they enjoy and aiming to win or at least do well (What a shocking idea that is these days)

I do, and I hate it. I don’t like being told what to play or how to play it. I’d rather they worry about fixing the game and netcode rather than appeasing xp concerns. I don’t want the cosmetics to a broken game.

I’m definitely not going to do that to myself this week over a measly emblem.

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I’m out of hearts so just pretend this is a heart.

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Why is there a limit on hearts?

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Quitting matches to get a desired mode-no
Hunting weapons-yes

If the system is encouraging you to play that way, then what is best for everyone in the long term is to do what it wants and have a lot of people complain about it.
We shouldn’t have a system which forces people to choose between being a good team mate and being rewarded.

Spam maybe? Doesn’t make much sense to me either.

I think that approach is appropriate when gauging whether a system is enjoyable and working as intended. Now that 343 has been run over by the feedback train and working to fix the system, let’s show them (with the data) how we like to play.

I was just about to heart your question about whether there’s a limit on hearts because I had no idea there was a limit on hearts but then I thought wait there’s a limit on hearts do I really want to do this and thats when it occurred to me that this is thoroughly ridiculous

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“We don’t have much choice. The only alternatives to completing a hard challenge is to waste a challenge swap or not get your weekly free cosmetic.”

You can actually choose to enjoy playing the game and not focusing so hard on progression in the first place. Matches are much more fun to play over all and the enjoyment of the game is much higher then someone who focuses everything on just completing challenges.

and a little secret, I’m already Level 43 doing so in the mean time. I will admit I leveled up a bit with currency with the left overs after purchasing the battle pass. Haven’t used anything else to unlock exp that I didn’t earn from just playing.

Did get a bunch of XP Grants while playing that I’m not entirely sure how I got I will admit. Only picked up one emblem off the store and spent 8 dollars on 8 rockstar drinks to get their promotional skins ( AR, Emblem, Warhog Skin, Razorback skin ).

I’m actually encouraging people to play the game and to stop allowing the challenge system to play them. On top of this I would encourage anyone to not spend any money on anything unless they are satisfied with the state of the game and battle pass, etc.
Also, I would be surprised if these weekly rewards are gone forever once the week expires. I would not be surprised in the slightest to see them return in some fashion (I suppose the most likely place to see them again is the store, so I guess RIP if that is the case).

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You got the XP Grants by completing Tenrai challenges. Look up the Free Pass.

Ah, thanks for the input…