Hyped to get the gang back together?

My friend and I logged nearly 4000 hours on Halo Reach on Xbox 360. It’s actually how we met, and he’s been my friend to the end since 2010. We thought we’d have to retire the old mantle of destroying people in Swat, until the PC announcement. I can’t lie, the hype is immeasurable. We both said it would be fine even if the graphics were exactly the same as they were on the 360. 256x256 normal maps and all.

That said, I hope I can sign in with my old Xbox Live account and recover all my armor and whatnot. I grinded super hard and did the daily challenges for like 4 months straight and didn’t unlock everything. I’d hate to have to start all over again. That said, if I have to- I’m prepared to.

Microsoft made the right decision here. I’m hoping that the game does not add bloated spyware to the system.
I’m also hoping that they add a dark theme to the forums. If this PC launch goes super well, I’m looking to become a full blown Halo devotee again.

Anywho, my friend and I share that sentiment and have gotten all of our old friends to sign up for a chance at the Beta. The entire team. Has anyone else successfully got everyone back together?

I have no crew; only me.

My crew has always been pretty fluid, some have come and some have gone. Yet, even with that, we are preparing for all this in our own ways and will be ready to splatter our enemies upon our 'hogs.

> 2535454703778907;2:
> I have no crew; only me.

Sometimes that’s all you need dawg.