Hydra Launcher or Plasma Caster?

Which of these weapons would you choose? We are not including special variants, such as Typhon or Scourge Of Fire. Only base variants. Please reason why you would choose this weapon, as vague answers are useless when asking for gameplay aspects.

Plasma caster due to its AOE when charged, sure the lock on with the hydra is nice, but I like the power of the caster.

Hydra, thing is so op. The tracking ability it has is absurd

Hydra, I like rocket launchers but one with 6 is awesome and even if it doesn’t do as much damage as a normal rocket if you use it wisely you can get some kills with it, i’m also not a big fan of most of the covenants weapons in this game they don’t look and feel like they did in CE, 2, 3, and even 4.

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> Hydra, thing is so op. The tracking ability it has is absurd

This. I’ve had rockets fly into the air, do a loop, and arc back to hit their targets…also been on the receiving end of plenty of those encounters.

Hydra for sure.
The Plasma Caster is horrible incompetent at destroying any vehicles, and it has no tracking on ground units. Hydra does both, and does it extremely well.

With that said, I hope neither returns down the line. They’re both terrible.

The hydra any day over the caster. The caster’s tracking is minimal, it doesn’t lock onto Spartans, the AOE effect isn’t very effective on fast moving targets and sometimes the caster doesn’t charge up when I hold the trigger down causing me to try it again.

Edit: I should also note that I’m referring to playlists like BTB. If I’m playing a smaller corridor map like The Rig for example, I’d take the caster.

Hydra launcher is to powerful and has tracking definitely hydra.

Depends on gametype. If I’m playing WZ I’d probably go with a hydra, if I’m playing in arena I’d rather have a caster.

Hydra. If you’re a pro at aiming? Dead. Spray and Pray? Dead. Banshee? Oh you mean that pile of ash over there that got hit by 12 rockets? Plasma caster is ok in arena but hydra is still better.

I have to go with the Hydra. Its just has a faster rate of fire and therefor can put out more damage than the Caster can. That and it tracks better than the Caster does.

The Hydra launcher because it can turn the tide of a game surprisingly fast. It only takes two shots to kill a fully shielded opponent, it has a ton of ammo, and it respawns significantly faster than weapons on a weapon pad. The lock on feature is also very useful because after you lock on, you can just shoot at the sky and your opponent will be met with death from above

Depends on the map for me. Open lines of sight and high ceiling are perfect for the Hydra, and that thing can rip if you really learn how to use it. Small map with tight corners I gotta go with the Caster. I don’t think I could say one is definitively better than the other - they both have their strengths and weaknesses.

I can’t think of many situations where I would pick the caster over the hydra. The Hydra dominates in open space/mid-long range battles and in a spray and pray scenario I don’t think either really has an edge over the other.

The Hydra has lock-on abilities, and it has a decent ammo capacity. Plus, anyone can use it easily (if they know how it works). Even a noob can probably use the Hydra better than they can with the Magnum!

Hydra is great for many reasons. My favorite is when some random dude say “You’re good with the Hydra.” Makes my day.

Hydra because of tracking.