HW2 Leader Ideas (Not following lore, mods maybe?)

So as the title states these are just some Leader Ideas I came up with, I spent something like 3 hours on this, as a thread comment and thought it deserved it’s own Thread. These are all ideas that I thought would go well with Halo Wars, regardless of lore. Of course the Game will have final ideas but who knows this might inspires a mod. However I will kill somebody for not putting in Forerunners. With this list i’m including, leaders, Playable Leaders and their abilities including each Leaders Special Unit.

Like I said this isn’t specific to any lore and the only timeline we can assume this takes place during is a less than year after the first Halo Wars after the Flood infection form goes onto the Spirit Of Fire. Some of the Leaders could be replaced with others, Prophets for example and well you get the point.

Since this is being made by Creative Assembly the creators of Total war i’m going to go all out with the leaders.


- UNSC: Admiral Hood. Playable Leader, Master Chief. Chiefs ability, gives Fred, Linda and Kelly double damage for 10 seconds (upgradeable to 20 then 30 seconds from the factory). Leader ability, Give the covenant back their bomb. (Disables all of the enemy Leader and playable leader abilities for 15 seconds, upgradeable to 30 then 45 seconds from the factory) Special Unit Blue Team (individual units of Fred, Linda and Kelly)

- UNSC: C. Lasky. Playable Leader, Sarah Palmer. Her Ability, drops in Fireteam majestic and fireteam crimson for 20 seconds (total of 9 Spartans on the field including SP. Health and weapons can be upgraded from the factory) Leader ability, Fires 2 rapid rounds from the two fore CR-03 Series-8 Mac Cannon (radius can be upgraded from Factory), high initial damage and then slow burning damage over the selected area. Special Unit, Spartan IV’s. (ODST drops them in)

- ONI: Admiral Osman. Playable Leader, Spartan Jameson Locke. Locke’s Ability, Places Camera in selected area revealing Fog of War permanently. Enemy units that move through it reveal weak points. (They take double Damage for 25 Seconds, upgradeable to 40 then 55 seconds from the factory). Leader ability, show a Heat Map spanning across 1/3rd of the entire map, showing enemy locations, no details of enemies however. (Range can be upgraded to 2/3rds and then the entire map from the factory). ONI Special Unit. Recon Snipers. Can climb any mountainous terrain, invisible while moving and cannot shoot while moving. Have an increased Field of Vision through the Fog of War. These units also suppress infantry and can do high damage to Vehicles.

Human Super Unit: Mammoth


- Swords of Sanghelios: Arbiter. Playable Leader, Arbiter. Arbiter’s Ability, sword frenzy, deals double damage and attacks enemy units quickly and moves at double speed. (speed and default damage increased through the factory) Faction ability, Banshee Rain, 4 Swords of Sanghelios banshees rain fuel rod attacks in the designated area at enemy targets. (Number of Banshees increases to 6 then 8 through the factory). Special Unit, The Swords of Sanghelios. (Squads of 5 SoS Energy Sword Elite Groups)

- The Didact’s Hand: Jul 'Mdama. Playable Leader, Jul 'Mdama. Mdama’s ability, either by fear or intimidation units in a selected area attack more aggressively for 15 seconds. Fire rate is doubled and damage is doubled, however the selected units also take double damage during the effect and for 10 seconds after the effect has finished. ( can be upgraded to 20 and 25 from the factory). Faction ability, Kraken fires viciously into selected area and suppresses all units In the area for 30 seconds, doesn’t do a lot of damage. (Can be upgraded to 40 then 50 seconds through the factory). Special unit, Shield Barrier. By orbital drop a shield generator is deployed in the selected area and can be used as a defendable position where units can go inside and take cover.

- Alpha Tribe: Brute Chieftain (in trailer). Playable Leader, Brute Chieftain. Chieftain ability, rage aura. All allies in close vicinity to the Chieftain gain morale and attack aggressively for 20 seconds. (can be upgraded to 30 then 40 seconds from the factory) Faction ability, All brute units use their own strength and skill to attack their enemies uncontrollably, not relying on weapons. They receive double damage and deal triple damage. (damage can be upgraded to 350% an 400% increase through factory) Special unit, Master Pack. A group of 6 War Chieftains wielding Gravity hammers, Fuel Rod Cannons and Plasma Turrets.

Covenant Super Unit: Scarab


- Prometheans: Didact. Playable Leader. Knight Battlewagon Squadron. Knight Ability, Teleport Frenzy, attacks all enemies within the selected area with scattershots and melee attacks with quick teleports. (range can be upgraded through factory). Leader ability, units in a selected area take slow burn damage, if they die, they are composed into promethean soldiers and spawn at the home base. (Damage can be increased to 150% and 200% through the factory) Special Unit, Knight Commander Squadron. a group of 5 Knight Commanders all wielding Incineration Cannons.

- Prometheans: Warden Eternal. Playable Leader. Warden Eternal. Warden ability, teleports in 4 other Warden Eternal Bodies (total of 5) for 10 seconds. Dealing mainly melee damage and moving only above average speed. (Can be upgraded to 15 and 20 seconds through factory. Leader ability All Promethean Soldier Units do a Teleport Frenzy for 5 Seconds. (can be upgraded to 10 and 15 seconds through the factory). Special unit. Phaeton.

- Sentinels: Onyx Sentinels. Playable Leader. Enforcer Sentinel. Enforcer Ability, Missile Purge, selected area will be bombarded with missiles from the enforcer. (number of missiles can be upgraded to 18 then 24 similar to vultures in the first Halo Wars). Leader ability, a large group of protector sentinels create a large vertical shield that Is invulnerable to damage for 10 seconds. (Can be upgraded to 20 and then 30 seconds from the factory). Special Unit Onyx Sentinels. Can combine pairs of onyx sentinels of up to 8 to create a single Onyx sentinel with increased firepower and defense. (Increases population cap)

Forerunner Super Unit: War Sphinx

Some of you might be thinking WHAT!!! How could Onyx Sentinels be a faction when sentinels have like 1 or 2 variants. Well let me give it to ya straight, the number of sentinel types that exist is currently 7. However this can easily change with Onyx sentinel pairings, they usually combine together in pairs/fours/sixths/eighths etc etc. And by doing so they gain firepower but of course all are one body. That’s besides the point however since combining them makes them a new unit, so they could in theory be separate units, I limited it to 8 for balancing reasons obviously and the number we get is 10 Sentinel Variants. Another thing to keep in mind is wait what a War Sphinx? That’s TOO OP!!!..OP. well yeah while in lore forerunners are some of the most OP race, but this is the new age, i’m quoting this off someone who explained it perfectly in one Sentence, Master Chief has been headbutting the scraps of long passed ancient civilizations and species. The flood with the power of a keymind would wipe out everything in the universe. The forerunners at their peak can go Toe to Toe with the 40k universe minus chaos. But these are remnants not species at their peak. Anyway I can’t write down much more here with a 7500 character limit but i’ll answer questions in detail.

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I’m pretty sure halo wars 2 is set before halo reach but definitely before halo4 so there wouldn’t be any forerunners (except seninels) and some of the leaders like arbiter and commander lasky wouldn’t be who they are now

but they still sound like good leaders, and with master chief you will never lose

Very detailed ideas, i like it

mods would be awesome

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Can you also add the flood? (i know it would be hard to create sub-factions for it but it would be nice to see what you have in mind for the flood)