HW2: Campaign Mission Briefing Graphic Flickering?

On PC, whenever I start a campaign mission in the mission briefing screen, the graphics for my screen flickers really badly, but once I click out of the briefing into game or the cutscene, the flickering stops. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I am playing on a high refresh rate monitor (165 hz), wondering if that maybe causing the issue? It does not appear in the main menu or in game, only when I startup a mission in the Mission Briefing screen. It also seems to appear to have the problem in the rendered cutscenes when I bring up the “Skip” option, the word on screen seems to flicker as well so must be some kind of rendering problem (but the cutscenes play normally with no Graphical anomalies that I can see).

Update 1: I manage to figure out the issue, its the Multi-GPU support option. I am running 2 GPUs in SLI so I had the Multi-GPU support option ticked on and turning the off, restarting the game, starting up a new mission once again, stopped the flickering issue so its definitely that option turned on causing the issue with the game in the briefing screen. Does anyone know how to fix this issue with the Multi-GPU support option on to fix the Mission Briefing Graphic flickering (if anyone has two GPUs in SLI) or is there no way to fix it?

Update 2: I resolved another issue with the Multi-GPU support turned off. For a long time, I had it on when playing multiplayer matches and the one screen would remain black is the loading screen showing the map your going to play on. Once I turned this off, the Loading screen has returned! I also had this on Xbox and I saw the loading screen there as well so I thought there either was a problem with my setup or one of the graphics options was causing the issue. Seems like the Multi-GPU is not working properly with this game in some menu. It seems like its pretty useless to have the option on, even though I am getting over 200 FPS in certain scenes like in the scripted cutscene before I play in a mission but the reason its useless is the game limits the FPS down to 83 FPS for some weird reason.