HW Stats on WP7

I thought I’d share my little Windows Phone App for Halo Wars Stats for any fellow WP7+Halo Wars fans out there.

It lets you see most of your Halo Wars Stats on the go, you can check it out here: http://bit.ly/jgpbMP if you have a Windows Phone.


PS Sorry for the shameless plug :slight_smile:

Could you create a similar app for 343i’s stats?

Very good nonetheless, I just don’t see it being as successful as a Halo Reach/4 app due to the low population numbers in HW, and the low fraction of these people who have WP7.

Oh I agree, it’s not going to be very popular but Halo Wars is one of my favourite games so created it just for fun. Everyone is welcome to enjoy it too :slight_smile:

The other stats you mention I think are already covered in the Halo Waypoint app for WP7.