HW: Remove Exile!

My eyes and ears bleed at the sight of it.

i’m lost.

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> i’m lost.

He’s referring to the Halo Wars 3v3 map Exile. He would like it taken out of the playlist hopper. We all hope he is kidding for the following reasons:

  1. Halo Wars has not received developer support for years, and likely never will again.

  2. There are effectively only three* maps to play when playing a 3v3 game. If you take Exile out, that leaves a paltry two. It would be crazy to have a playlist with only 2 maps.

  3. For those of us that do not want to sit there for 15 minutes to build up our armies, Exile is wonderful because of the 4 free reactors on the map. You can get max populations of ODST, power turret tanks, Hawks, assault beam hunters etc in under 9 minutes. If you can’t get max pop of Hawks or any other unit in under 9 minutes: GABBO^

*I know there are 4 3v3 maps including Glacial Ravine; but the odds of playing that map are very very low compared to the others

^GABBO: get a better build order