HVT concepts with attached weapon ideas

A simple topic though I know it will not go far, suggest a high value target, with a basic lore write up and what its unique weapon is. And if they use it or not.

“the ghost”

species: Jackal
weapon: Modified UNSC sniper rifle called “spartans bane”
special: is cloaked and has 4 jackal snipers protecting them all armed with UNSC sniper rifles. they will use them as AA.

lore: The ghost as the marines have named her has been hunting UNSC marines ever sense Infinity fell, Though there is little known about her ONI documents state she is a ship mistress and likely the leader of at least one battalion of jackals on the ring.

Unique death: Cloaks on death, afterwords can be found alive in another location with a cybernetic arm and a shield instead of cloaking.

WEAPON: Spartans bane
info: a unique white paint banished version of the UNSC sniper rifle, has a bayonet attached to it as well as a suppressor, unlike other snipers it is almost silent and doesn’t alert enemies when it kills. The down side is it only has a 2 round mag, and has a much more visible smoke trail. when zoomed it shows a red laser.

Note: when given to marines they will try to time their shots with chief as it is a stealth weapon.

Intel Unknown, brute commander

species: brute
weapon: CQB modified skewer
special: is in an indoor area with several brutes armed with bulldogs, as well as a few cloaked elites armed with heatwaves.

lore: Little is known about this brute other then surviving UNSC personnel have put a kill request out for him. Apparently several groups have attempted to take him out only to fall into his trap. Chief if you are reading this, he is deadly in a fight, watch out.

Weapon: Split spike
info: a skewer that fires a Shotgun like burst, its spike splitting into 5 in a + shape between each spike is an energy garrote giving the projectile a large hit area and allowing it to kill multiple targets in a line. as it only stops if the main projectile hits a target.


weapon 3x back mounted hydra’s and a custom needler (1,000 cuts)
special: AA backpack, this grunt mule has wired up 3 UNSC hydra’s to a back pack, and will fire them at anything that gets in his airspace. as such he is found on the side of a cliff where he can easily fire at targets from the air.

lore: Before he joined the Banished, and after he left the covenant DIPYAP was an ONI asset who helped them reverse engineer several covenant weapons in the post war period. He was believed dead after an ONI assassination attempt only to be found with the banished a month later. Wanted dead by ONI alive by the UNSC.

Unique trait: if you kill his guards he will surrender becoming none hostile and counting as defeated, you can still kill him but if you leave and come back he will be an ally and have UNSC guards with sniper rifles. generally seen blowing banshees out of the sky if left alive.

WEAPON INFO: 1,000 cuts
info: this needler has 2x the stored ammo and 3x faster projectiles/firing speed. But lacks the lock on ability. think of it like the p90 of needlers extremely fast and moderately accurate. Still supercombines after 8 hits on an unshielded target.