Hurry up and tell us the Ranking System

I want 343i to announce the ranking system just because I’m tired of everyone on here complaining. I do want a good ranking system, but I want everyone to stop with the non-stop ranking threads even more.

There is no skill based ranking system. Instead, Halo 4 will use a strict invisible skill based matchmaking system. You will get evenly matched games, without the shiny number next to your name.


There is no skill-based ranking system, the game will prioritise skill when searching for games in Matchmaking.

Haven’t been following the development much but the Ranking System hasn’t been announced? Odd.

there is a skill based ranking system but it is in the background, it will work to match you with people of similar skill but there isn’t going to be a number by your name for everyone to obsess over.

Knew it . Those lying , conieving , -Yoink- snakes . Apart from “beamish” of course