Hurry Up and Fix Server Selection!

Seriously 343, how do you expect people to play your games if region selection doesn’t even work. For instance what was the F**King point of that 103MB patch for Halo 5 if it made things worse, all I want is to enjoy the game on Aussie servers but no, you lot come along and make that impossible. Good job guy’s, you’re all a pack of morons getting paid professional work rates and for what, dividing the community and -Yoink!- people like me off when I can’t even have fun playing something I want to cause I enjoy it.

Seriously you all need a good kick up the -Yoink- cause I’ve officially lost faith in you network teams ability to preform basic problem solving. The fact that Microsoft gave your developers access to the Azure Servers and you can’t even place players in the right regions proves how incompetent you all are. If you can’t convince me, a halo vet of almost 12+ years to play your game good luck getting the next generation to play it too.

I completely agree. Since the last update I’m completely unable to find servers.