Huragoks in Halo 4.

As Huragoks/engineers were created by the Forerunners it seems likely that we will see some in Halo 4, if the planet thingy is forerunner that is.


Well, if you are trying to point out what I think you are, then you can go ahead and say that there will be humans, elites, grunts, drones… everyone. Because technically the forerunners (technology) made every race after the firing of the halos, so yes they did make the huragok, but they were taken into the covenant so any possible huragok would have been merged into the covenant.

So basically yes, if there’s covenant there will be engineers…

No, you don’t get it, the Forerunners MADE the engineers. They’re supercomputers made by the forerunners. They weren’t wiped out by the halos. And i didn’t say anything about any covies. Read origins, Anatomy and physiology.