#HunttheTruth Finale (SPOILERS)

What do you want to see happen in #HunttheTruth Episode 12?

I personally want to learn:

  • The identity of the anarchist, known as “FERO”? - About the extremist faction, known Sapien Sunrise? - Who the alien diplomatic delegates were, that John-117 saved? - Where John-117 is and what he is doing? - What the deep-space anomalies truly are? - What happened to the hacker, known as Mshak Moradi? - What the Office of Naval Intelligence is doing after the leaked information? Are they being put on trial?

The third, fourth, and last point are the ones that I whish I could see the most in the next episode.

It will definitely tie up some of those subplots and leave some of them open for Halo 5.