HuntTheTruth 01 theory

So I’ve seen lots of people questioning the file reading John died at six when there were accounts of him at age 12, and I thought about it for a minute. In the first audio log Ben talks about people who claim they knew the boy and the hero. So what if John is listed dead at 6 because that was the end of his life as the “boy” and the beginning of his new life as the “hero”, only to lead to his final life as the “traitor”?

I think you might be thinking too symbolically and not literally enough. The story says that John was abducted at age 6 and forced into the Spartan II program. When these children were abducted, they were replaced with flash clones of themselves with severely limited lifespans. The clones would die soon after replacing their abducted counterparts thus removing any suspicion that the real child was taken and also relieving the children from any sort of responsibility outside of their duties as Spartans. I mean, they were technically dead. So the more realistic theory is that John was marked as deceased at age 6 after he was abducted, and it was in fact his clone that died (as it was supposed to). However, as some other threads have already pointed out, the podcast interviews people who supposedly knew John when he was 12 years old which is inconsistent with being labeled as deceased at 6. This is what #HuntTheTruth will be digging into.