Hunting Achilles

Hello, I’m currently trying to find a Spartan Company that’s going after Achilles. Nothing too serious though. I just want to hangout with people and have fun trying to get Achilles. Thank you.

Sent you an invite OP

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“For a brick, he flew pretty good!” ~ Sergeant Jonhson okay

Search halowaypoint spartan company for HaloFanForLife under Spartan company, read the guidelines and see if you might be interested in joining. We’re 75% closer to Achilles helmet and have community game night Thursday & Friday.

TST Gaming is currently recruiting, and we’re very accepting of both new and veteran players. We like to work as a team and coordinate strategies
but the main goal is to have a fun time playing with other people. I’m working on getting more players so that we can work together to unlock the Achilles Armor.