Hunters in the Dark

Definately planning on adding this book to my collection, however have yet to do so. Anyone who has both read the book and played Halo Wars 2, any tie ins? If so is it worth reading the book before playing the game? Both Halo 4 and 5 were imo more enjoyable having read most of the books released at the point of their releases lol, so am concerned the same will apply here?

There is at least on small cameo and you will feel all the more for those who the Banished slaughtered because the Ark was in complete UNSC control prior their arrival and Hunters In The Dark sets that up. Nothing groundbreaking though BUT on additional play throughs I/we might come across more.

Hmm sweet thanks mate. I may have to try track down the book today and blitz through it before playing Halo Wars 2 tomorrow lol

Retriever Sentinels also play a small but meaningful role. Its good to put a look and size to it, since one goes toe to toe with, well, you will see.

I’ve just finished reading all the phoenix logs and some of them bridge the gap between Hunters in the Dark and HW2 very well!