Hunters in Halo 4?

Are more Covenant gonna return in Halo 4 too, like the Hunters or maybe Drones?

I don’t know.

Also Brutes. Although I think the Brutes section of current Covenant politics is pretty complicated so the Covenant might be fighting it self. One side Brutes and the other Elites. I haven’t read Glasslands yet so pleas don’t spoil anything for me, I’m just assuming.

Hunters? Hell yes. Drones? Hell no.

Drones are like flying trolls, you hide behind something to wait for your shields to recharge, “Okay, just 1 more second and I’ll start recharging again” Drone shoots you with last plasma shot needed to kill you “GODDAMMIT!!!”

Hunter confirmed?

(Not entirely sure if legit)

Shielded Drones with Tilt and Mythic enabled.