Hunters are almost unbeatable on Legendary

30 minute boss fights? What game are you playing?

Literally took me 5 minutes for most of the bosses on legendary

Tbh I thought hunters were too weak until later when I met an Enraged one. If you focus on killing them around the same time they are very easy. I think that was the point with them, you don’t want to focus on just one and have the other be buffed up. Getting behind them isn’t too hard when they are both alive, so you can easily circle around and alternate damage.
I actually like them and I love seeing Hunters enrage. Though they shouldn’t be able to see you through walls when they’re buffed.
Bullet sponges only when you’re not shooting the gaps in their armor, if you have a sniper they go down quite fast before enrage.

I literally just experienced this on my legendary run and yeah they don’t play by the classic hunter rules. You try to use the thruster to juke the melee but they just whip around. Thats if they even melee, most just rush me while shooting. Hopefully they tweak them because its a pain taking them on with coils and knee shots.


apparently not a halo game cause I dont remember halo having bosses with health bars, or bosses that can take 4 direct hit rockets on heroic and still have shields


I thought the hunters were well done and intimidating, I got over the difficulty spike when I realized the grapple hook allowed you to survive anything. Also the hunters reaction to noticing you after you’ve been hidden is great.

As a heads up, its super easy to cheese all HVTs and hunters that you can drive to in the open world by just driving up with a razorback full of marines with guided rocket launchers / other super powerful weapons. The hunter HVTs I stumbled across and they died in like 30 seconds by accident.

I kinda feel bad tbf because it takes away the challenge, but if you’re struggling with them it’s a sound strategy.


From what i have seen, i dislike how you can’t dodge their melee and they almost never show their back to you which is like the only way to kill them with anything other than explosives lol.

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Thanks for the tip! Did the HVT hunters on Heroic with a wraith tank and they weren’t that hard but am now starting on my legendary play through!

My only gripe with Hunters are their turn speed.
Fastest turn speed of any Hunter in Halo history.

Their main weakness in all past Halo games was their inability to catch a player strafing around to their back, which is why their back was a weakspot.

343 somehow forgot that and made them able to turn fast and give you a good hook in the face.
Even in the more recent Halo games, the extent of Hunters are that they tried to do an overhead backswing which was slow and telegraphed, but they never tried to 360 hook you.

That needs to change. Hunters need to be weak to turning around again.

But until then, Fusion Coils are your best friends, and any high damage 1 shot weapon like Spanker, Cinder, Skewer or Sniper to their exposed neck is the way to deal with them.

Or Electric damage from Disruptor, but that takes a godawful amount of time on Heroic and Legendary.


You’re supposed to use your head when facing bosses. Instead of rockets draining shields , trybusing a plasma weapon


Just finished on Heroic. The Hunters were intense. I managed to do the open field ones with a variety of weapons (Tank!) and peppering them from afar.

Spikes to the head seemed to work well. Before they put up their arms to defend themselves.

But when you get locked in that tight room with them. That was hectic. The grapple shot / coils were a must. And then played chasings with the last one and the shotgun. I was aiming for his knees… but don’t know if that helped or not.

It’s a different fight from waiting for them to turn their back. But it’s done pretty well. Enjoyed taking them on.

Legendary is a joke, I’ve used no marines, not upgrade any gear and crushed the campaign so far 88% done atm. You just need to rethink how you play

dude in old halo 1-5 the only enemy that could live through 4 rocks were hunters with mythic turned on, and that was on legendary.

finished the game on legendary use the upgraded drop shield and just poke at them and move about a lot

I’m not sure on Legendary, but on Heroic I just use the Skewer, they actually take quite a lot of damage to the head when you use that weapon. It seems to penetrate their armour

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Puts its on legendary complains about legendary

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If I ran into them on legendary I would grapple and try and sing around them to shoot a rocket to break their back. Once you break the back just keep grappling to try and beat them or shoot another rocket. Shock grenades also help to stun them for a second to help you.

I won all my hunter fights doing this or try and hit them in their neck from a far with a ranged weapons.

My biggest Issue is they act realy incosistent in Melee Range. You can never be sure if they just blast you point blank, make a melee or perform a melee that tracks you 100% even if you jump right over their head during the wind up. Other times they can’t move as soon as you stand behind them because they try to turn into both directions at once.

Sure the frontal Gap in the armor seems to be easier to hit and there are meany explosives around. But the Hunters just feel less like Game Enemys and are kind of annoying to fight.


The red ones are tough, you MUST use evade+camo to beat them without too much trouble. Another tactic that helps is weakening both before killing the first one because it’s a bit harder when the 2nd goes beserk. You can use the threat sensor to help determine when to kill the first one.

I thought it was the easiest legendary until I started coming across some of the more difficult boss fights. It wasn’t too bad though, now that I’ve done it and know what to do, I don’t think I would have too much trouble running through it again.

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Tldr youre just bad, Ive danced with them enough times by now to say its possible if you know how to use thrusters and the grapple. The only exception is in their rage state after you take one down, in that case you wear them down and once that state its done you do the same dance.