Hunter General Concept.

I was messing around with some ideas about the Hunters getting a smaller and faster design. I wanted something brutal like the sword Elite when it came to rushing the player. So here’s the first design sketch colored. Hunter General

Hmm, the head looks a little big, give the legs more of a robotic look to them, And give the left arm a energy shield similar to that the Elites had back in the early days of Halo CE. Try to keep the head looking similar to what normal Hunters have.
Halo Faith Hunter
The head on that kind of shows what I’m talking about.
Elite Shield

Yeah, but I don’t want it to look like a normal Hunter. It needs to be different than the original design. It’s supposed to be smaller and lighter, while meant to deal with quick moving targets. Plus a energy shield would over power it in the game. The larger helmet is more ceremonial like the Elite General class armor.