Hunter cannon bug

So I downloaded the new update, but only got the forge portion. (no reqs or armors, couldnt even buy them) Restarted my console, it mostly fixed it, so I bought all the new items (I saved up a bit). I go into the warzone game in hopes for getting the Hunter cannon, but it’s not even an option to choose. I have all the other reqs available, I have the hunter cannons unlocked (as shown in my inventory-type deal between games), but no ability to select it in a warzone game. The “button” isnt even there to choose. I see other people using it in game, so I know it’s just me. Any suggestions? Restarting isnt helping.

It takes them a while to update the req system when updates drop. Just give it a few more hours (Hopefully it doesn’t take that long) and they should pop up as usable… Hopefully.

Can try restarting your game or resetting your console and see if they show up after that. I called one in a while ago without issue, pretty fun to use :slight_smile: