Hunter and warden commendations

i feel like these two are a pain in my -Yoink-. It’s better to just save for a sniper when you know they are going to spawn and just wait for everyone else to almost kill them then take the final shot, because I’m tired of my -Yoink- getting jacked

Yeah man i feel the same bro :frowning:

Hunters are easy. They spawn in pairs on every map.
Stormbreak, Apex, and Noctus all spawn 2 pair of hunters. While Apex spawns them at the beginning. Not sure about Darkstar.

If you can spawn a banshee ultra on Stormbreak it’s not that hard to get a few of them.

Try playing the Firefight beta. They say it will count toward commendations and credit will be distributed.

Hard enemies are hard, OP.

Hunters are misunderstood. People panic when they see them, but their name really translates to “huggers”.

They just want to hug

Archlight with wardens just wait for most of the damage to be down while holding your charge then when ready finish him off. tbh i feel sort of cheap doing this method because its kill stealing particularly if the enemy team does all the damage but meh warden is my last enemy commendation and I want to get it done and the extra 150VP comes in handy

Use energy swords for hunters.

Just wait with your DMR until the Warden is almost dead and then shoot him in the back.