Hunt The Truth Video Breakdown.

Spartan Locke - - YouTube

Master Chief - - YouTube

In both of these videos, one of the two is victorious while the other is lying in utter defeat. I believe that instead of this being an actual situation that will occur, it is an analogy of what both men have come to know about the other and the situation at hand.

Spartan Locke when victorious seems to acknowledge Chief being the Hero of days passed, but also mentions the conquering destruction that lies in his wake. He mentions that his mission is to save “us” from the Chief.

The reason I quoted the word “us” is because I believe Locke thinks what he is doing is a saving humanity, but is actually saving ONI. I am very confident that Chief finds Halsey and finds out what she knows about ONI, undoubtedly something dark, while ONI brands Chief a traitor and sends Locke to hunt him down (for actual reasons unbeknownst to him).

When the scales have shifted to Master Chief’s side, he asks Locke rhetorically if he found what he was looking for, and if he wanted it to end in the destruction of the city. Chief also asks Locke if he still thinks that everything he had done was worth the price. In the end, Chief says Locke’s mission is complete, and that his own is just beginning.

What I think Chief means by everything he rhetorically asks Locke is to prove a point that he (Locke) was fighting for reasons that he wasn’t aware of, and didn’t think the situation would escalate into the destruction of a city. I think Chief knows Locke has no idea what the real reasons of the mission were, and Chief wanted to get him thinking about what is actually happening. When Chief says his own mission is just beginning, I think this is the aforementioned bit about Chief meeting up with Halsey and discovering what ONI is up to, making Chief need to take ONI down. I think this is what Halo 6 will be about.

As for Halo 5, I believe It will be structured much like Halo 2, jumping back and forth between Chief and Locke, but mostly centered on playing as Chief. Chief will be working his way into uncovering what ONI is hiding, and Locke will be working on finding Chief and understanding what he is trying to do. Near the end of Halo 5 we will see ONI do something drastic to cover their tracks, perhaps something like bombing an entire city. Locke will blame the incident on Chief and brand him as a traitor, while Chief will open (or attempt to open) Locke’s eyes and show him what is truly going on.

This is all what I think is going to happen in Halo’s 5 and 6, I could be entirely right, partially right, or completely wrong, it is just my thoughts on the what the trailers actually mean/stand for.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Locke was with the UNSC in Nightfall if I’m correct, but has an ONI Emblem donned on his Mjlinor in the Halo 2 prologue. I’m thinking Locke knows nothing about Halsey’s attempted assassination in Halo 4 on Requiem as she was already branded a traitor by ONI themselves. I’m thinking in Halo 5, John(thats what I call him now) meets up with Jul’Mdama aboard one of his ships, because likely Jul lets Halsey contact him for whatever reason at a point in the Campaign. Halsey explains everything to John that he didn’t know about with ONI, and then goes to search for Locke to tell him that ONI isn’t who he thinks they are. These two trailers signifies a Transformers reference from Optimus in regards to “One shall stand, One Shall fall” which I just now realized now that I just thought about it. Chief comes back to Earth to find Locke waiting for him and trys to explain ONI’s true intentions. The destruction of that city may have come at the hands of an ONI bombardment and what looks to be the Infinity in flames might mean Lasky and the Infinity’s crew might’ve joined Chief in trying to stop ONI prematurely. However to cover their tracks, ONI destroys whatever city, trying to eliminate both Locke and Chief because of what Chief found out from ONI. So Likely ONI is using Locke as a pawn to eliminate John.

Thats just my 2 cents.

I agree with a majority of what you said dragonwolf, and I didnt think about the infinity having been there to help Chief and thats how it could have gotten damaged. I know without a doubt that chief wouldnt touch the infinity now that Lasky is in charge and completely on his side. with that being said I’m not too sure about your comparison to transformers, mostly because that comparison could be made with any entertainment product with a protagonist and antagonist :stuck_out_tongue: