Hunt The Truth Insight

When you see the video trailer of Hunt The Truth of either Agent Locke and Master chief you see both of them opposite and one is about to shoot the other. When you first see these trailer you think “what the hell is this?” But, when you hear of what happens in the Hunt The Truth with Ben you get a little of what could be happening. In one of the latest episodes you hear that ONI try’s very hard to bury what really happened on Biko, why the Master Chief was really there and what really happened, and the galaxy is angry with him. Maybe after the Master Chief was framed for this false crime Agents Locke was tasked to assassinate him like you see in the trailer, or the Master Chief hits back. Asking Agent Locke if everything that he compromised was really worth it. Maybe ONI really is trying to get ride of Master Chief. Maybe Master Chief is also trying to expose ONI.

Master Chief might also be talking to himself in the trailer, having doubts about the extent of his own actions (ones we haven’t seen yet.)

I suspect that Locke and his team will eventually end up teaming up with Chief after they learn what’s going on.