Humans in infection op?

It’s kind of hard to get kills in infection as the infected when we’re so slow. That and the fact human players can get long range rifles

git gud

but jokes aside i’ve never had a “humans are op” problem as infected (except on crypt. that map is BS) the infected can’t just run in or you’ll die (unless they’re out of ammo or screw up). the infected have to take sneaky routes, or find ways to surprise and kill the humans. use your brain, you’ll find a way to get to them. if there’s no clever way to get to them, swarm them with your team.

It just takes some practice as an infected.

As an alpha you have to be sneaky to get your first 1 or 2, after that it is generally just a strategic bumrush to overwhelm them.

I think the playlist is balanced well. Sometimes you have survivors and sometimes you don’t.

Don’t forget to use your thrusters! I played a few games and saw only 2 zombies use their thrusters.

also try and learn the spots humans like to go to first, like station zulu (where the saw is in the hanging cargo crate) i rush over there and just crouch behind on of the boxes and wait for someone to hop in. you spawn closer to it then the humans. its an easy kill. and someone always rushes it within 20 seconds. that is just one example

dont take the routes that everyone else takes. like on RIP tide one alpha always always goes top mid right at the beginning. next time to down where the hydra is and sneak around. its just being smart and learning the spawns

The first 30 seconds are the most important. Learn the maps. Head to areas that you know will get traffic. I find I can usually get a handful or peeps while they gathering supplies for there holdouts. Also…

Thurst a lot, seriously.

It’s casual gametype and humans have always “been OP”. Nothing needs to be changed.

I think getting kills as an infected player is quite easy. Yeah you do have those occasional games where every survivor groups up in a corner (talking about that Zulu Map) makes it a bit harder to infect people but, you just have to work and push together to take them down. I think being an Alpha is whole lot more fun than being a survivor honestly.