Human weapon Ideas.

Sorry I meant to put this in Halo 4 catogorey (Spelling?)

I mean think about. Halo 2: 6 UNSC weapons. Halo 3: 9 UNSC weapons. Halo: Reach: 9 UNSC weapons.

The Humans should have a little more of a variety of weapon. So I am going to compare UNSC weapons to modern or past military weapons.

UNSC VS. Modern/past Miliitary

Halo 3: Odst and Halo CEMagnum vs. Auto Pistol

Almost all of us love the Halo: ODST Mag and CE Mag. An semi-automatic Magnum the can pack a small punch and a Mag that can pack a medium to strong punch. An awesome veriaty. The Auto. pistol vs. The 2 Mags from Halo would result in victory for The Halo Mags. Personally I would love to have 2 different Mags just like this combo instead of one same pistol. Plus not just the 2 Mag alone but wouldn’t it be fun to customize the 2? For ex: Scopes, explosive rounds, EMPs, extended clips, ect…


Modern SMG would easily beat Halo SMG mostly because it can be easily customizable. With different silencers you can change the firing burst to Auto, Semi-auto, and 3 round burst. With the Halo SMG their are only 2 different versions. I would love to have what a modern SMG can provide than the Halo SMG. Like a Halo SMG that can provide what the modern SMG can provide.

AR vs. M16

The AR has 32 round clip while the M16 has a 30 round clip. The M16 can mount a Grenade Launcher under the barrel and add many different attachments. The AR can’t do that. The M16 wins this one. Again I would like an AR that can provide what the M16 can provide.

Shotgun vs. Combat Shotgun

C. Shoty is semi-auto while the Halo Shoty is pump action. Halo shoty has a short range, but deadly. The C. Shoty can be useful at a further range than the Halo Shoty . I would also love the have 2 Shotguns just like these 2 shotguns in Halo 4 to add a little variety.

Grenade Launcher vs. Grenade Launcher
It would be awesome to have to different grenade luanchers like these in the game. Halo GL would be single shot and could customize it to let out an EMP, fire, or the round can stick on to someone. The Modern Multi-shot GL could shoot out regular grenades. WIN!

Falcon vs. Sea Knight

The Falcon can only have a max of 6 people and the Sea Knight can only have about 20 people. I don’t want either of these, just a mix between them.

DMR and BR.

I don’t want either of these in Halo 4, just something like a gun that can change from singel shot to 3 shot burst if you change barrels/silencers.

Spartan laser, Rockets, and Sniper are ok.

So again adding more weapon and adding Halo-style attachments would be kinda’ fun.This is just my opinion so please don’t flame also please leave feedback!
Aslo Please don’t spam me saying this isn’t COD or go play COD.