Human shotgun, Promethean shotgun, Covenant?

Why isn’t there a Covenant shotgun yet?

I brought this up a couple of times in the past. I always thought it would have been cool to see a Needle shotgun. When the player dies from it, the needle explosion would happen.

It’s called the sword.

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> It’s called the sword.


Shotgun promethean s*** hard !!!

No need for 3 scatter weapons. Covenant have enough close range weapons

Sword and hammer fill the Covenent’s need for a lethal close range weapon.

Mauler, if you played Halo 3, is the closest “true” shotgun the Covenant have used. There’s a reason why the Brutes aren’t around anymore.

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> Sword and hammer fill the Covenent’s need for a lethal close range weapon.

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> It’s called the sword.

Honestly, these are the only close range weapons the covenant needs. Having a shotgun on top of that would be a little much, it’s just not the covenant’s style to have a shotgun.

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> Mauler, if you played Halo 3, is the closest “true” shotgun the Covenant have used. There’s a reason why the Brutes aren’t around anymore.

I actually forgot about the mauler, and that was pretty much a pistol shotgun.

From long ago:
I think the Covenant shotgun weapon would be a slow-burning plasma based weapon.Make it a very special weapon type where it does damage over time per “pellet” hit.
Make the plasma burn blue and purple (and white) too.
So what would happen is that the weapon could potentially kill in one hit but it’s a delayed one hit. A quick OSK would require a melee to finish in CQB but still be a OSK due to the slow-burn effect over a second. Nothing instant like the other shotgun-weapons but also not really too slow. Say the weapon fires just slightly slower than the H4 shotgun and does more damage at distance due to the combination of spread, pellet count and DpH. A OSK will take out shields completely and then the burn will drain the health. Also have the burn kill just after a 2nd shot is available.
That way players can choose to waste rounds for a flash death, have to melee, maybe pull out another weapon to quicken things… Who knows, haven’t played with it to feel how it has to change to fit into an effective but seemingly unique role.If it’s a half shot, half the shields would be taken down and then perhaps the burn would eventually drain the shields to nothing. This is where the melee or teammates become very important. It’s not that it won’t kill, it’s that the enemy can do some great damage before dying.If the enemy is half shields and blasted by a OSK, then the net damage after the shields bleeds through and damages the health of the enemy, quickening the burn kill time.If a player is low in shields and takes a OSK for an instant death, I’d like a different death animation… Perhaps similar to the Promethean death but blue+purple and more explosive (Grunt Bday skull type death).
Call it the Type-35 Direct Energy Shotgun, AKA the Firedog
Hmmm, the burn causing collateral burn?
I do think it can work but only in a very limited way.
Make the burn very tight and very low damaging to other players.
That way it acts more like nuisance in a group than it does a single-shot room clearer of sorts.What I mean by that is that if a burning player touches another, maybe 1 LR burst shot bullet of damage over 1 second is done to the shields/health, maybe. And this effect has to be constant. Players would only receive a burn-hit every second, whether they bump in quickly like a jackhammer or just stand there beside/on top of the burning victim.
The intent is that if a burning player touches another player, the burn prevents the recharging of shields and/or adds a nuisance hit indicator, but as said minimal damage is done.Now the big question… Can we set fires elsewhere? I mean as traps and such.
I think maybe this is where the charge shot can change from making it more lethal at range and instead make it more tool-like like the PP.
A way to allow the collateral burn to be used without making it OP’d on a weapon seemingly ripe with diverse and useful mechanics.Consider semi-auto a function that does impact to take out shields and the burn to take down health over time.Now the charge function is a napalm function of sorts.
Damage-wise against a player, the shield damage is about half and the burn takes the rest down to nothing, and then half health. But let’s go slightly quicker in that burn effect than reloading with more “spread” on the hits. We’re also going larger in burn radius and damage value, say DMR hit per 1 second.
Of course back to that napalm part. Remember the DMR hit per 1 second of damage? Rhetorical of course. Well let’s say a napalm burn last for 3 seconds. Doesn’t seem that long but that’s a long time in a fierce battle. This can be shot on the ground for a need to jump into action or take at least 1 DMR damage point for getting burned; Be shot on the wall for a larger vertical flame but with less width. And even shot on the ceiling for a dripping plasma-goo effect that covers a vertical height restricted only by ceiling distance, the width of a ground shot, but because it’s dripping, can actually be avoided by those without an HLS if a player sees the drops and avoids according.As designed, with the slightly longer burn time of the semi-auto shot teasing for a 2nd shot or melee to finish more quickly before the OSK actually takes effect, the charged shot ability would very, very much tease to use a charged shot followed by a regular shot for psychological warfare (and 1 of two medals. Burn a player from full or completely incinerate with OSK-impact kill).
It’s quicker at the edge of CQB to charge a shot (which takes say 500-600ms?) and follow up with a single shot than it is to attempt a single-regular shot at that same can’t-melee-distance. 2 charged shots would end up taking a bit longer than 2 human shotgun shots, and even a charged shot plus single shot would also take longer than 2 human shots.
But the human has less OSK and 2SK kill range potential than the Firedog (Plasma-Shotty).
(And of course this is all slight differences. Nothing to make the Firedog out perform a fullauto at short range, only compete at very short and of course own at CQB).
Oh and a charged Firedog shot disables a vehicle’s weapon systems for a short time if it has one. It doesn’t disable the mobility, just the weapon for about 1 second.One of my favourite things to do in CE was drive-by sticks. I made the phrase “Oh no not again!” a reality.
Why would I just run by your back and not smack it? Ponder it, shoot me, it doesn’t matter, you’re already dead. That’s what I like about the idea of a burning OSK that actually takes a little bit to finish.