Human rights - Add an option to turn off Auto-Aim.

Dear Halo 5 dev team,

To begin with, thank you 343 Industries for this great game. The new gameplay features in Halo 5 are great, meaningful and add value to the overall combat experience in multiplayer. However, the amount of fun that I can have with Halo 5 is strongly limited by that fact that players are unable to turn off entirely any form of aim assistance and, in most cases, those systems break the fun.

Auto-aim hurts more than it helps for those who can aim without it
Those systems interfere all the time with the movements of the crosshair, they make the movements completely inconsistent, they stick to an enemy that I don’t care about when I actually want to aim at another, etc. And if it’s not that, if I fail to place my crosshair on my opponent, the bullets still land on my opponent when clearly they shouldn’t. It doesn’t give me a satisfying experience, it’s actually -Yoink!- me off every single time I see those aim assistance systems in action (sticky aim, bullet magnetism, etc.).

Every gamer should have the right to play without any form of aim assistance
20 years ago, auto-aim was a setting designed to help certain players with their aiming. After the Halo 2 era, auto-aim became a thing. Suddenly ‘‘some players and developers started to claim that we couldn’t play FPS games on console without it’’. And now instead of being an option that we can turn on, it’s that thing that is forced on and we can’t turn off, but as I pointed out above, it actually makes the aiming worse for those of us who don’t need it in the first place.

It should be a right, a human right, a gamer right, to have the option to turn OFF or ON the auto-aim in a game. More importantly, it should never be forced ON for everyone. Halo players have been asking for an option to turn off auto-aim since Halo 2 and players like me are still asking for this. Look, I’m fully aware that some people don’t even believe that some of us can play without any form of aim assist and I’m not asking anyone to believe it. All I’m saying is that some of us have been playing FPS games on all platforms for over 20 years and we just feel that we should have the right to have an option to turn it off to enjoy Halo 5 like everyone else. From where I stand, the fact that Halo 5 doesn’t actually feature an option to turn off the auto-aim entirely is just extremely disrespectful and arrogant. If you do care about your gaming community, it would be the least you can do to add an option to turn off the auto-aim.

Please, add an option to turn it off in a future update and future games. It`s a win-win situation for everyone.