Human melee weapon idea

This is my first thread so sorry if I put it in the wrong place.

I’ve read some threads and posts of people suggesting a human melee weapon for Halo 4. Some say they should just put in a machete or katana, but well, as a comic strip suggested, that would be ineffective against the armour of most human and covenant enemies. But I think people aren’t being too imaginative there.

The weapon I had in mind is a flywheel like weapon powered by a miniature Internal Combustion Engine and instead of sword-shaped sharp edges it would be cylinder-shaped stubbed with diamond tipped blades. There’s an image below to demonstate.

Obviously I’m not too great at drawing, but hopefully you understand the general idea. Please tell me what you think.

Here it is:

> Here it is:

I have to admit, its kind of weird. But I would be happy to see any human melee weapon in game. The covenant have two and we can’t even have ONE? Plus, the covenant may be out of the picture this time, so no energy sword or gravity hammer. :frowning:

I imagine that we’ll be seeing Forerunner energy blades. Certainly not a gas-powered spikey d*ldo of death.

I’de rather have a bayonet or a Chainsaw, that why im getting Gears 3 :smiley: