Human-Forerunner War game?

I was talking to my friend, who’s also a Halo fan. He said it would be cool if 343 developed a Halo game based around the Human-Forerunner War. He thought it would be cool, what do you think, limited or awesome?

It might be fun to play, but it would have to be the ancient humans, and we know like 2 of them from the books. And we are very limited on who they are and what happened with them in detail. And honestly aside from someone who knows the lore and read the books, and backstories. Nobody would understand anything going on in the game.

Maybe after the Reclaimer trilogy is done, in, like, ten years or something.

Maybe we will be fighting some Forerunner in this trilogy anyway. But if they were to do the ancient Human-Forerunner war it would probably be after this trilogy when everyone that does not read the books has seen some sort of information regarding that war through the new upcoming trilogy. (Maybe in the Terminals)