The Noble Hirearchs have been killed. But that certainly does not mean that our Great Journey is over. We will walk the path; but in order to do so. The human filth must be put to an end. So we must finish what our prophets started and slaughter each one with more brutality than the last. FOR THE COVENANT!!!

But anyways we are a group of semi competitive gamers who like to play Halo 5 and who play to have fun but more importantly to win. And we want you to be apart of that. We really dont have any rules. Also I would like for your spartan colors to be purple and black or black and purple (trust me there is a difference) This is not mandatory. We are going to start participating in clan battles and things like that. We also do not do practice sessions and things like that. All I ask is that you play the game, and things like that. But your activity level on Halo 5 will be noted. And our goal is to get better, rank up, and have some fun in the process. So join us as we walk the sacred path into the divine beyond.

And if you are anti-Covenant that really should not stop you from joining because I believe the only person that feels this way is me HYv47. And I will not force my opinions on you at all. Our points of contact would be me HYv47 and That one guy893. So will you join us as we walk the sacred path into the divine beyond?
The Dnend Legion

That sounds awesome. Can you hit me up with an invite HYv47?