Human Air Vehicles & Custom Air Assassination

I know it may be a bit long but hang in there. Thanks. :slight_smile:
Air Assassination
So, we have a bunch of customizable assassinations, stances, weapon skins, armor, helmets, and a whole bunch of other stuff. So, why not throw a few air assassinations in there? For example, for on you could have you use the person as momentum and push off them with your legs after snapping their neck?
Human Air Vehicles
Also, about human air vehicles. Falcons, Hornets, beloved vehicles. I for one miss them! After all, Warzone is a SIMULATION. I mean, why would the UNSC put Spartans in danger of almost every threat for fun? They wouldn’t…right? No, really it does say it’s a simulation as you’re entering it. So, why not simulate some human air vehicles? Marines are there, how come their vehicles aren’t? I miss the good ol’ days. Veteran halo fans freaked out for the Halo 2 BR. Why not give the Veterans and Semi-Veterans(halo 3ish and later, maybe a bit after the release of 3) something else fun? Reply and comment and spread the word around so 343 will notice!