Hugely explioted glitch! needs fixed!!!!!!!

Hey 343 this isn’t about me being banned or anything but I didn’t know where else to post this. So I was playing oddball on haven there was a guy grabbed the oddball and threw himself off the edge where the teleporter leads to and he goes into the wall. it ended up they won the game because he went into the wall and no one could get to him. I know there is a glitch similar to this on Complex where you can crouch jump into the wall but i would just like to report this so you guys would know both that this was one of the guys explioting the glitch and that there was a glitch if you didn’t already know.
Thanks for your time
Your loyal fanboy Pyre Pro

By the way if anyone else has seen this glitch being exploited please post below!

They already know about it.

I’d suggest you edit the post and remove his GT, calling people out on here is against the rules.

Okay thanks i didn’t know that.

Might as well get the word out there more right?