HUGE Warzone Assault Bug/Cheat

Just got done playing Warzone and learned of a big glitch/cheat/bug that really messes with the game. Apparently, going over to the Armor (2nd base to capture or defend) and ground pounding the door to get the Marines to start firing will eventually result in the Marines firing their weapons. If you start moving every now and then to get the Marines to change where they fire at, their shots will start to bounce back and hit them which results in them killing themselves. Once their dead, all it takes is yourself to get to the top of the armory and you will capture it after 20 seconds or so, REGARDLESS if base one hasn’t been captured yet. Since discovered this glitch, it’s happened nearly every other time.

This needs to be fixed. It screws with the spawns and turns the tide of the game very quickly

Sounds funny but the marines are easy to kill anyway with just on shot to the head, wouldn’t be a problem if your team doesn’t leave the armory undefended

Same thing just happened to me and It needs to be fixed soon

Seen it in 3 matches. As well as trying it myself once, it’s easy to pull off. It’s gamebreaking on defense, once the armory is captured it resets your spawns to the core. Which then gives offense no real chance to defend the first objective.

343, can we get a confirmation y’all have seen this? It’s only going to get more common and it would be nice to know y’all are at least aware of the issue.

Have had this happen in multiple games.

Just today have had this happen almost every match. Pretty annoying.

Here is a video showing how it instantly went from garage to the core because they ran over to the armory, no way to protect garage further since you respawn at the core