Huge Success

I never wake up at 8 in the morning, and I if I do, I will not be in a good mood. But today I woke up early on purpose and with a big smile on my face, ran to my Xbox and instantly downloaded the 800mp bundle. And boy was it worth it. The maps, the Armour, the skins. Every part of this bundle was a success in my opinion. I supported 343 all the way from day 1 and loved halo 4 and have been playing every chance I get. And this new pack has made me happier than ever. I missed my mark V and I love the Pit remake and those new skins are oh so -Yoink!-.

I have to congratulate 343i on their success with this Bundle because I believe it has been their best move yet. And now time to go back and play some more Ricochet

I agree. :slight_smile:

Seeing the Bundle playlist population in the hundreds was so great! A great deal of a DLC. :slight_smile:

> Seeing the Bundle playlist population in the <mark>hundreds</mark> was so great! A great deal of a DLC. :slight_smile:


Love it too… enjoying Ricochet.

> Seeing the Bundle playlist population <mark>in the hundreds</mark> was so great! A great deal of a DLC. :slight_smile:

You mean the thousands? In the early afternoon there were 4k+ in the playlist :slight_smile:

It was at 5k this morning for me at one point. I gotta say I enjoyed saying it all day. I think it was fun dying and seeing my guys Armour. I’m sorry to say but I think I missed Mark V a bit too much lol

Well I did indeed see thousands but then I saw less than that when I went back after a game, I saw less.

Probably a glitch or something.

Yea I got the same glitch cause it showed a lot of playlists in the 10’s area so yea it was glitchy for a bit

It’s really nice to know there’s a DLC that really gives you some really good stuff and that it brings up the population.

I TOLD the Waypoint community that the Champions DLC would deliver! And I guess now I claim the right to say, “I told you so” :stuck_out_tongue:

The ODST armor in the Bundle gave it good luck. I was also very (and pleasantly surprised) when ODST became Halo 4’s first FULL armor set. This includes the Forearms and Legs which I thought the set wouldn’t include.

When we wear ODST in Halo 4, we feel more like an ODST than we ever did in Reach and Halo 3, or any Halo game aside from Halo 3: ODST.

Aside from failing to mention the little Spartan Ops mishap with Champions early, I think the Champions DLC has left a lasting impression and made many Halo fans happy.

DLC was never my thing. But great to hear the success. I haven’t hopped on for a while. Is Ricochet an addictive gametype?

Agreed it has to be the best DLC yet for H4. Ricochet turned out to be fun.I wish each new halo game that comes out would integrate previous maps. Not just a crappy remake but actual color maps.The pit looks great and plays well. Now just think guardian remake.

Ricochet is a failure, but everything else is good.

> Ricochet is a failure, but everything else is good.

Please talk about how much you hated your 2 games of ricochet on the forum you started on the subject.

> Ricochet is a failure, but everything else is good.

Seriously, stop spamming already.