So I am really quite frustrated with many things about this game at the moment, Halo went from meat grinders and close battles to snipers galore with DMR’s

However, Adapt and overcome even though the grenades are grossly under powered and the Covie weapons suck majorly.

My biggest problem is

A. If you get temp ban for whatever reason…nobody knows how long. It would be nice not to be kept in the dark on important things like that.

B. Today I apparently reached my “experience Cap for the day” welll…Ill tell you I barely made 10000 XP and I made my cap? are you kidding? 5 matches?

So I decided hell with it I want to keep playing with friends, WELL it turns out I unlocked like 7 challenges through the few hours that I played without earning ANY XP, and my buddy said hey no worries, all the challenges you unlock you will get awareded that XP when your account goes active again…Well…I haven’t recieved any of the XP from those awards and just by quickly looking at the side of my screen when my challenge was complete, I know one of those challenges was worth 4000XP and a bunch more were worth 1000 or 750. So i think in total I missed out on about 6000-8000 XP…Im quite frustrated with the fact that the game royally bends you over and screws you in the hoop.