HUGE frame rate lag on Halo 5 Multiplayer?

This is my first post here, usually I have been reading other people’s threads, and whatever else on here.

I have been having trouble with (an unfamiliar kind of) lag/latency/frame rate problems on Halo 5’s multiplayer, SPECIFICALLY with game modes involving vehicles, large maps, or heaps of players (e.g. Warzone, Big Team Battle, etc…). The game slows down to around 1 fps (yes, one frame every damn second!) There are no problems with games like Slayer, Action Sack, or Doubles.

My internet averages about 30-40 MB/S which is great… for Australia. The problem could be hardware (I have an XBOX One S), or software related.

Even more concerning is that the audio distorts, clips and sounds like a synthesised vacuum machine at these very “laggy” moments.

Is there anyone else who has experienced this problem? Perhaps anyone who has somehow, miraculously, “fixed” it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Since a lot of maps are made by the community, they are not as optimized as developer maps. That’s one reason why the frame rate drops on a lot of those maps. However, I’ve never noticed (just eyeballing here) the framerate drop below 30 or so. If yours is indeed that bad, it might be because you have instant-on enabled. Is that the case? I noticed it gave me a lot of problems with framerate in other games so I started using Energy Saver and haven’t looked back.


Thanks for the response, I haven’t thought about doing that. I do have instant-on enabled, and have noticed that after I turn my XBOX One on from sleep, it drops in fps more (especially on games like Forza 7) than just starting it from the ground up. I’ll try that tonight.

Again, thanks a lot!

Don’t know why exactly, but it worked, in case anyone else has the same problem.