HUD and Crosshair size modification

Hey there 343, so far great job on the entire mp experience. There’s not a lot I’ve to nitpick on other than the fact that some of the weapons Crosshairs such as the sniper and sidekick pistol. For me, and I’m sure for many who play on smaller displays would appreciate the option to adjust the size of his elements without messing with the FOV. The biggest trigger of this realization was just how hard it is to see the sniper reticle.

I just wanted to make that known.
And um. The microtransactions…what gives? You mad at us?

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The game do be needing Crosshair customization. Most Mouse players would prefer to have just the little dot you get when you’re sprinting.

If it helps you can adjust Accessibility and UI settings. I suggest unchecking Chromatic and Parallax. And for reticule, change Opacity and Thickness.

I’m also not against more reticule settings though

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Yeah I can imagine that’d help. I would be playing on PC but unfortunately my cpu was defective and I need to get a replacement. For now stuck on Android Xcloud with a razer kishi. Lol small screen means needed Crosshair options.

Those did help a bit for sure. I can actually see the sniper Crosshair now but only barely on my phone screen. Lol maybe they should enable HUD coloring as well.