HTFB: Machinima (Need Voiceers)

Ok I’ve been having troubles finding some people who can voice for some main characters for my HTFB: Machinima, my youtube is bloodelitesclan
My plan is to have this machinima episode 1 done by the end of this month jan.
I have all the scenes already recorded, I just need two voicers for main characters, if you are interested you will need these things to help me out!

  • Computer Mic
  • Audacity or any other voice recording program
  • get the job done fast and quickly and perform nicely!

as these characters you get to develope a since of personality of your own on top of what I already have set, I will have to explain a little more,
to see what I have done go here:
or here

Here is a link to my youtube channel:

Also, I’m looking for subscribers!
If you can contact me here:
My Email: (Name subject as HTFB)
GamerTag: koga Gar Mentos
HaloWaypoint: my profile

I would like to voice a character. Do you have a list of the characters with bios?

well recently I have not created the BIO’s for the two characters I have yet but I can give you their personalities and facs:

Commander Pallens: Born 2548
Served in the Human-Covenant War
Pallens is a complete jack !@# in the beginning of my machinima, he soons learns about what is right from wrong and becomes one of the more respecting person you will ever meet. He changes his life…

Not as fit as most, Force to run tell he collapses after dissing a Supior Sergeant
Very smart Common-sense but does not use it correctly
Can Be Racial
No respect from other peers and gives no repect
life changes
believes in god
becomes more fit
more intelligent
becomes a rouge agains ONI

Private John, Buffiloe Born 2516
Served in the Human-covenant War, Was MIA during the years 2520–2550
Buffiloe is exactly over a 100 years old due to new research and developement by ONI!
BUffiloe is a vehicluar person but int eh machinima is apointed on a team made only for weaponry giving him a downfall Buffiloe must find a new still with ground combat. In the End he ends up becoming an inperational spartan to all other spartan showing what he learned from private Allan during the human covenant war!

Can run up to normal human speed and can run for about a day non-stopped
more fit then most
Highly skilled with Vehicles
Lazy though he is, he will do what he must
Very supporting and funny at random times
but takes the job and life serious
Finds a horrable truth
Nearly commits suicide
becomes a rouge of ONI
Fixes the UNSC
Becomes the Hero but not the only one…

Extra background:
Allan was Born on 2500 Die 2557
ALl went MIA during the years 2520-2557 was found on 2557
All was well know and perhaps to be one of the most skilled spartans other than master cheif john 117.

any body else interested?