HSA eSports Currently Seeking Competitive Players!

HSA eSports is currently seeking competitive players of all skill levels. We hold training events and scrims within our own Ranks to help new players hone in on their skills, and let the seasoned players host and compete in tournaments against other communities. We are currently preparing for the new season within HRL and have ambitions to compete within HCS and similar Leagues!

:grey_exclamation::exclamation: First tryouts of the year coming soon :exclamation::grey_exclamation:

• Inclusive , with policies in place that protect every member regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity or religion.
• HSA leadership is elected by its own members. Every member has equal say and opportunity.
• All meetings, game nights, and player activity have no requirements :small_orange_diamond: unless actively in our eSports Division
• We provide a simplistic ranking structure.
• We are currently offering positions in Clan Operations Staff including eSports Team Captains!
• Giveaways/movie nights/game nights/tournaments and people to play with on a daily basis.
• Connections to the gaming scene’s best GFX Artists and Web Operations.
• More than just halo: we are on most popular gaming titles.
• Level 2 Boosted Discord Server with a ton of emojis & fun content.
• Highly experienced staff that have been running clan ops for decades.
• Secure, toxic-free server to focus more on gaming rather than drama.

:small_orange_diamond: Requirements: :small_orange_diamond:
Mic | Discord (linked to XBOX if console player) | 18+



Reply or message DeathMoonz#9310 on Discord for Details!


Hello, I’m new to competitive/ranked play in Halo Infinite. Looking for a clan that doesnt mind that. I just started playing ranked. After 10 was placed in platium 6 being only 1 win from Diamond 1. I am currently diamond 2. I’ve played other shooters competively in the past.

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Welcome to the family :slight_smile: