How's the pop in Breakout?

I’m just thinking, with H5 MM times being pretty slow nowadays in a lot of playlists, I wonder how everyone’s faring in the Elimination playlist, the reason being, it might create a prime opportunity for me to boost immortal medals and get all those wonderful emblems. So how is it? Dead as a doornail? Popular during rush hours? Tell me your recent experiences with this playlist!

I think is because few people play breakout, because when I play it I get matched with champions and I am diamond

Hard numbers aren’t available, but you can see here that as of early November, the Elimination playlist was the 3rd least popular playlist of all the playlists. So I imagine that matchmaking quality for that playlist is not going to be that great for many.

The Elimination Playlist isn’t so populated and why be suprised most people seem to hate Extermination. I have to admit I don’t like Extermination now that it’s permanent and I rarely get to play Breakout 1 or 2 (Breakout is my favorite gamemode in all of Halo 5 ATM). Since it isn’t populated it isn’t out of the ordinary to match Champs but, the lower tier Champs are just Onyx players keep that in mind.

I played a bunch of elimination for a while last season. Lots of quitters, idlers and uneven matches.

I really enjoy regular breakout, and can get into 2.0. too much extermination though. And that game is absolutely brutal if someone quits from your team.