How's The Halo 5 population looking like?

Compared to the other Halos, like Reach and the MCC

halo is in a different time now, so is video games in general. halo is not as popular as it once was, and there is way more compition around. but to answer you question. pretty on par with MCC. all the kids who are plaining, make it out to be alot worst then it is, halo isn’t “popular” anymore but halo 5 is far from dead

there is SO many of these treads… can’t hope this gets locked.

No one talks anymore.

It’s not dead but it’s not on xbox top ten played list

there is no real way to know because as far as I know population stats are not available. I will say its not what it could be as I see simple 4 vs 4 matches no being balanced. And platinums being matched against silvers. Platinums being matched against Onyx players.

There’s a population thread you can use kicking around somewhere.