How's my armor? :)

Hey people. This is my first post in the Halo Forum, so be nice. I’ve been experimenting with color combos for so long that it has nearly driven me to insanity. I have multiple options to choose from, but my top choices are the following:

Silver and Steel with Blue Visor

All Blue with Gold Visor

Silver and Blue with Blue Visor

Silver and blue with blue I think. More interesting than just greys and it looks like it balances well.

Definitely silver and blue with blue visor.

My armor configuration usually goes like this…

Helmet: Pre-order Recon/Haunted
Chest: UA Base Security (waypoint)
LS: Sniper
Gungnir knees and various wrist and utility.
Visor: Black/Blue

And I’ll have on silver and blue as well. So he’d end up looking a bit like your guy.

Looks good though, it’s much harder to go wrong with a classic like Mk V.