Hows does Halo 5 compare to other halo games?

Here’s a list of my favourite halo’s in order

  1. Halo 3.

Multiplayer Rating 10/10. Campaign 7/10

The game was so fun on matchmaking. A good social and ranked split set of playlists, with a good ranking system. Also fantastic custom game options and forge that were available from launch… btw. Campaign was pretty good, but back then I was never wowed by Halo campaigns.

  1. Halo 2.

Multiplayer rating 9.5/10. Campaign 6/10

The game online was fantastic. Loved the ranking system and online community. There was no forge, but there were fantastic custom games created by the community. The campaign was decent, but nothing amazing.

  1. Halo 5 -

Multiplayer rating 8/10. Campaign 5.5/10.

Campaign wasn’t bad, but compared to Halo 4 it was a real let down for me. Short, and complete anti-climax really. Felt nothing like what the trailers made it out to be.

I know the multiplayer is missing things right now, but I personally think it’s a MASSIVE improvement over Halo 4. The game feels competitive again like older halos, and I love the new abilities. Despite only having few playlists, I can’t stop playing. I’m willing to wait to see what Forge is like.

If Forge is successful, and people start playing Customs again, maybe with infection, I believe this game could be in the same league as the older games.

  1. Halo Reach

Multiplayer rating 6/10. Campaign 7/10.

Loved the feel about the campaign. Got me right in the heart. Nothing special but still good.

Multiplayer wasn’t amazing, but still a fun experience. The community was good, but I kind of got bored due to the lack of unlockables and ranking system. I didn’t feel like I wanted to come back to it time and time again. It got boring reasonably quickly.

The armour abilities just kind of made it feel like a different game at times. Armour lock was a total joke.

  1. Halo 4

Mutliplayer rating 4.5/10. Campaign 8/10.

My favourite Halo campaign by far since the original Halo in 2001. Excellent story line and it really did well when it came to character development. The multiplayer was ok for casual purposes, but it was set up all wrong and it was a shambles really.

No forge, bad custom game options, and the MP lost me after about a month.

Note - I didn’t put Halo CE in because it didn’t have online originally. (Or at least I think it didn’t.)

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> Note - I didn’t put Halo CE in because it didn’t have online originally. (Or at least I think it didn’t.)

It didn’t have online. But it did have system link, and Halo CE LAN parties were some of the highlights of my high school days.

I put it above Halo 4 but below the first three.

The magic that was Halo: CE, Halo 2, and Halo 3 (in both campaign and multiplayer) just simply cannot be replicated.

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> I put it above Halo 4 but below the first three.
> The magic that was Halo: CE, Halo 2, and Halo 3 (in both campaign and multiplayer) just simply cannot be replicated.


Yep. Kinda sums up how it compares.

My favorites in order:

Halo 5
Halo 4
Halo 3
Halo 2
Halo: Reach
Halo 3: ODST
Halo: CE

I’m not counting Halo Wars since I didn’t play it.

Halo 1. 7/10
Halo 2. 9/10
Halo 3. 8/10
Halo 4. 6/10
Halo 5. 8/10
Halo Reach. 9/10
Halo 3 ODST. 7/10
Halo Wars. 8/10


H3 (glorious campaign, custom games, and MP)
H2 (Campaign ft Breaking benjamin, perfect soundtrack.)
Reach (campaign was meh, mp was glorious.)
H5(Not bad, good mp, decent campaign)
Wars (because i love strategy games.)
CE (you can’t dislike halo ce.)
ODST (it was fun being an ODST, and the drop pod ride was cool.)

I don’t like Halo 4 though.

1. Halo 2 Multiplayer: 9/10 Campaign: 10/10
Amazing and memorable story. Playing from the Arbiter’s perspective along with Chief’s gives you background information on what’s going on with the Covenant for the first time. Epic Music, boss fights, and levels to explore and look for secret easter eggs, weapons, and skulls which affect gameplay.
Split screen multiplayer was a lot of fun in Halo 2 with the new weapons, maps, and spartan abilities like duel wielding and hijacking. A huge step from Halo CE. I didn’t have Xbox live though.
2. Halo 3 Multiplayer: 10/10 Campaign: 9/10
The conclusion of the epic trilogy. Master Chief and the Arbiter go through a lot of crazy missions from taking down two Scarabs to fighting alongside the flood for the first time. And it ended in the best way possible: a warthog escape objective. You also discover the greatest secret of Master Chief: he is forerunner.
With online multiplayer and so many awesome playlists, this is hands down the best multiplayer experience. Forge and custom game types plus file share allowed players to make their own games making this multiplayer a revolution.
3. Halo CE Multiplayer: 8.5/10 Campaign: 10/10
The ultimate story of any Halo game. The entire campaign comprised of all kinds of levels, from escaping a doomed Pillar of Autumn to… escaping a doomed Pillar of Autumn… with a warthog. Silent missions and storming the silent cartographers and more made this a very fun campaign to play. The story was also amazing throughout the entire game. Learning of the flood was terrifying and nearly activating Halo that could’ve killed everyone was pretty intense.
This classic multiplayer had all the game types you could ever want plus really fun vehicle battles. Split screen was the only way to play but that doesn’t make it a bad multiplayer unless you didn’t have anyone to play with.
4. Halo Reach Multiplayer 7/10 Campaign: 7.5/10
Pretty emotional story but some would say it’s pretty cliche, but I really enjoyed it. Music was memorable.
Multiplayer added more ways to play longer by unlocking armor through a credits system. Armor abilities were also kinda fun as well, but I didn’t love it.
5. Halo 3 ODST Multiplayer 8/10 Campaign: 8/10
Finally, a game from the perspective from the marines and non-super soldiers. Very interesting story and really fun to play.
Multiplayer for ODST only included firefight but a second disk comes with it that allows you to play Halo 3 multiplayer as well. Firefight is seriously a lot of fun.
6. Halo 4 Multiplayer: 5/10 Campaign: 8/10
I was surprised by the story. I found it very good because you got to see Chief’s humanity with Cortana dying. Didn’t really like the music.
Multiplayer wasn’t fun. With these new loadouts and orbital weapon drops, it became pointless to scavenge the map looking for weapons and controlling power weapons. Everyone had sprint making the gameplay faster but it was frustrating to have your target running away at the last second and regaining health back. Multiplayer missed game types.
7. Halo 5 Multiplayer: 8/10 Campaign: 3/10
Yeah campaign was terrible. Only reason why I liked it was to discover intel, skulls, and weapons. But what makes a Halo game good is its story. Instead I feel like 343i took the Call of Duty route by focusing on multiplayer rather than its story. But they sure sounded like it would be the greatest campaign with an epic hunt. It was nothing as expected. It had no climax. Instead it had repetitive boss fights. Not to mention it was the shortest campaign. And the new characters were not fully developed. I did not have to read any background lore to know previous characters in the other Halo games.
Multiplayer is back in Halo. Warzone is a lot of fun and the classic 4v4 battles, HOWEVER, the game misses many unique maps and it’s lacking in proper playlists like social or wacky gamemodes.

Haven’t really played Halo Wars.

The end.

Halo CE: 8/10
Halo 2: 9/10
Halo 3: 6/10
Halo 4: 8/10
Halo 5: 8/10
Halo Reach: 5/10
Halo 3 OdST: 9/10
Halo Wars: 7/10

Spartan Assault.

For campaign I’m going to go with the following;
Halo 1. 8.5/10 (Will always have a soft spot in my heart, just a classic)
Halo 2. 9/10 (I actually enjoyed playing as the Arbiter, the universe started to feel more fleshed out)
Halo 3. 8.5/10 (Some larger than life action kept me engaged until the very end)
Halo 4. 8/10 (Really enjoyed the new enemy types…could have done without a QuickTime boss battle at the end though)
Halo 5. 7/10 (Butter smooth gameplay mixed with great visuals…felt a bit hollow in terms of story structure…343 could have done a bit more with the Blue Team levels IMO, Locke also felt too wooden as well)
Halo Reach. 9/10 (LOVED the story and the dynamic of the Noble Team, was heartbroken at the end…very satisfying…NEED this game on the MCC ASAP 343!!!)
Halo 3 ODST. 7/10 (Another attempt at fleshing out the universe, felt more like DLC than an actual “Full” game)
Halo Wars. No Score (Have yet to play it…will one day soon)

Oh this thread is all wrong.

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Halo franchise - 10/10 'nuff said.