How's a new power up sound?

Sorry, if this has already been brought up. WARNING, this may be a long read.

So, I think Halo 4 needs something new to add to gameplay and my idea is a new power up.
This new power up of mine is called the Weapon Upgrade. Please, keep reading and allow me to balence the power up out as much as I can.

  1. The Weapon upgrade is power up that upgrades your weapon. For example, lets say you have an assult rifle and you pick up the weapon upgrade power up, lets say your upgrade is larger max ammo. Let’s say the AR in Halo 4 has a max of 600 it’s extended 1200 from the upgrade. (To inticate a player has an upgrade you would see the upgrade in a bright color such as orange.) For this case, the entire AR would become orange/gold/whatever color is right because it’s max ammo capacity is extended. (The power up is colored green).

  2. The upgrade is random. For example, let’s say you had your AR and you went to the power up, you don’t just choose your upgrade it’s random to make the upgrade exciting. You have a small percentage of getting extented max ammo, extended mags, etc. (I’ll list upgrades later…) and sometimes if your lucky(like 5% chance lucky) you can have two upgrades at once.

  3. This power up, which can be very powerful at times, only respawns five minutes after pick up.

  4. This power up in order to prevent players from becoming juggernuats(this power up only wears off after death) gets rid of previos power ups. For examaple, you pick up the upgrade and you get an extended mag and survive for five minutes and the power up respawns and you pick it up. Your extended mag goes away and you get a new upgrade instead of becoming even more powerful than before with the extended mag.

5.Here is a list of upgrades that can earned with the power up.
Improved scope-(longer range, if your weapon doesn’t have a scope it may gain one).
Extended mag-( Mag is doubled in size).
Max capicity-(Max number of rounds carryable with a weapon increased).
Rapid fire-( Rof increased).
Grip-(Increases accuracy, if a weapon has reciol it is eliminated and if it doesn’t it has an improved retical).
Dual enabeld-(A weapon that couldn’t be dual weild before now can ex: a pistol or shotgun maybe? No, sniper, AR, Halo 4’s rifle, or other weapons that would be ridcolusly over powered if it were dual weilded).
Bullet power-( increased by 20, 40, maybe 60%. Tell me which is best.)
Magic hands(Faster reload?)


Remember, this is a POWER UP, not a petition for weapon attachments.
If you have an idea on how to balence out/improve the power up please share.
If you do not like this idea, tell me why, don’t just say “no”.
Thank you for reading and sorry for spelling/grammer errors.

Please, discuss.

sounds like you are trying to make halo into an rpg shooter like fallout 3, borderlands or Dues ex…

Well what do you suggest then? (I’ve never played those games sorry)

I think you could easily make you concept/idea in to a custom power up for a custom gametype in halo reach and see how it would work out