How would you want Challenges to be?

I thought the Challenges were a good idea in Reach, but it seemed like it lost fun having them be so easy. The only reason they needed to be easy was because it had to be something to do everyday. I think 343 could change the Challenges to make it a little better.

I think that we could have two different options.

One, We have the same 5 or 6 challenges to do within a week. Kinda like the weekly challenges in Reach, but more. Each one having the same amount of points as Reach’s.

Second Option (which I think i will be more fun), is change the daily challenges into weekend challenges. Have nothing during the week, which I know I’m gonna see some hate at this part. The weekend challenges will be like 8 or 9 different ones on both days. Having it on the weekend, I think would attract more people to play kinda like Halo 3 did with 2x EXP weekend.