how would you rate halo 4 so far?

as the title says, how would you rate halo 4 so far?

p.s i know we cant really say until it comes out, but so far what would you say :slight_smile:

Lets see out of 10 I would rate it an 11.

So far? Why it’s quite amazing.

10 out 10 on the BA scale

> Lets see out of 10 I would rate it an 11.

same at the moment i would say :smiley:

I do not not think this game is amazing.

Based on what we have seen so far (E3 Demo and gameplay videos):

Campaign: 10/10 (Chief returns, Mysterious story, and a soon-to-be rampant A.I)

Multiplayer: 9.2/10 (10/10 until I seen jetpack, hopefully it is nerfed heavily)

Spartan Ops: 9/10 (only because it is unavailable without Gold membership, which leaves part of the $60 spent on standard edition completely wasted for those without Live)

Graphics: 9/10 love the number of polygons and the colors (ground and some textures look bland and dull, will have to wait for final game)

Overall at least a 9.3. If Jetpack is nerfed and finished graphics are better will be 9.7/10 for me

my only complain on the game so far would be weapon sounds.
and this is only for a couple of them like sniper, turret, BR =/

out of 10, i would rate it a 9

i still don’t have sufficient vehicle info to calm my inner pilot

other than that, it looks flawless

I’d rate it a 9/10

Perfect 10 for the Campaign obviously

8/10 for right now for matchmaking. Waiting till I see the Forerunner Vehicles and or a Wraith.

Well considering I never really liked vehicles since Halo 2, that just leaves the concussion rifle as my only dislike in Halo 4 so far. Assuming it’s in.


To be specific,

Campaign 10/10 (I never really liked Jackals so I don’t really care if they’re nerfed and as long as the Zealot behaves like a Zealot, I’m good)
Spartan Ops 10/10 (I may go Gold just for this)
gameplay 9.9/10

Well, I’ve had my doubts here and there, but the game is really starting to turn out for the better.

If I absolutely had to give it a rating based on my impressions thus far, I’d give it a 9 out of 10. I really need to play it before making a decision though.

10 out 10 the game looks great.

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Out of 10 I say UNSC Infinity

I love it, but some things upset me a little.


I have to say I am truly impressed.

A good 8/10.

  • Love the Weapon Variety
  • BTB maps are looking great
  • So much customization

Can’t give a higher rating until I hear more regarding these,

  • Forge
  • New vehicles?
  • Concerned about some AA’s being OP
  • Concerned about Flag settings

Campaign 10/10
Spartan Ops 10/10
Mutiplayer -1/10
Sorry, but the -Yoink- that I’ve seen isn’t Halo