How Would You Have Handled Halo 5's REQ System?

How many times has this been discussed now? No, not how the REQ system is stupid and other non-constructive topics or discussions. No, not how you’ll never see that one helmet you like because there’s nearly ten armor skins for Athlon alone. I mean, how are some ways the Halo community would have handled the REQ system and unlocking armor, emblems, and more in Halo 5: Guardians?

Wait, it’s still over nine thousand? -Yoink!-. Well, I’m jumping on this train anyway.

Let’s get right to it. The REQ system sucks. Why? Well you might say it’s the seven different mongeese/mongooses/mongi variants that exist on top of the variants for it’s combat-capable Gungoose counterpart. It might be the emblems or the hundreds of armor skins in the system for others. Some might say it’s the lack of achievement when you finally get that damn Security helmet after three damn months of the game being out and the countless hours lost trying to get it but you don’t care you just got your favorite helmet back!!!

Personally, I find the REQ system a mess because of the lack of variety in unlocking the many REQs that are included in Halo 5 as well the lack of reason to level up outside of bragging rights and that sweet emblem you unlock at level seventy that you won’t wear since you just finished a commendation with the -Yoink!- emblem that screams “Wear me! I’m -Yoink!-!”

Here’s how I think Halo 5 should work when it comes to unlocking armor, emblems, and other assorted REQs.

First off, isolate armor and emblems from the system. Just remove them. Straight up take them out of the system and put them somewhere else. But where? Where could they go? Well for armor it’s quite simple. There are roughly seven five armor sets in Halo 5 right now. This is not counting skins. Just the basic variants. Currently, there are 152 levels in Halo 5. So how do we handle this? Every other level you unlock a new armor. But wait, on top of getting the basic armor, you also get the armor skins with the armor. You get a REQ pack for that level that gives you the basic armor set as well as it’s skins. This way if you wanted to use the skins, they are there ready and waiting. Of course some armor sets/skins can be saved for achievements,commendations and Spartan Companies, these can be legendary armor sets.

Now here’s an interesting idea for unlocking armor that is worn by Blue Team and Osiris. Finishing legendary will unlock Hunter and MK VI. Yes, both variants. But what of armor like Helljumper, Copperhead, and the others? You must complete each mission as one character in Legendary co-op. Want Helljumper? Going to have to be Buck in Osiris missions! Hermes? Play as Kelly when a Blue Team mission comes up.

Emblems can still be unlocked via commendations and every ten levels like the current system has it on top of armor but, instead of grinding REQ packs only to have twenty new emblems added each update, just add the emblems. Nothing needed to unlock them. They are just there like they were in the old Halo games.

Okay so with all that out of the way you only have the following left in the REQ system:

  • Weapon variants - Vehicle variants - Powerups - Armor mods - Loadouts - Visors - Stances - Assassinations - Weapon skinsCurrently, that adds up to 380. Still a lot to grind but not as much as before with the 700+ thanks to armor and emblems.

With that in mind. Have more than just packs for the different rarity. Let’s look at PvZ Garden Warfare for a good example of handling this kind of system. There are several packs in PvZ. One for consumables, three for the different rarity levels, one for just plant items, one for just zombie items, one for character variants, and one for each of the updates they had. How can this translate to Halo 5? Simple.

We have six packs in total:

  • Bronze - Silver - Gold - Customization - Loadout - RequisitionsThe Bronze, Silver, and Gold will act the same as before. Customization will only unlock items with no impact on the game and cost 7,500. Loadout will unlock the many loadout weapon variants as well as armor mods. This will cost 5,000. And finally, Requisitions. This will cost 2,500 and only unlock weapon, vehicle, and powerup certifications for Warzone use. For about a week after release, a special pack costing 15,000 will unlock three items from the new update.

So what do you think? Could this be the ideal system for unlocking items in Halo 5? Do you have improvements? Do you have your own ideas? Share below.