How would you finish the Strider?

Something has been making me scratch my head for quite some time, and that something is how to “complete” the Strider armor.

I know it doesnt come with shoulder pads, Torso, Forearms, or legs but i cant seem to find a suitable combination of armor to make it feel as if it HAD a set.

So, I ask your help. What armor would you use to finish the Strider armor set?


Torso -
Shoulders -
Forearms -
Legs -

I just want to know what would make the Strider Helmet look best.

Recon and Pathfinder work for me.

Like this:

Torso Scout
Shoulders Soldier
Forearms Shifting x-27?
Legs - Counter Prime. (Standard Counter would work too)

The low neck and shoulder height of the Scout torso seems like it wouldn’t limit the range of motion of the Strider helmet and its odd shape. and the rest of it I just thought looked good together.

I had a good combo
Chest- Tracker
Shoulders- CIO or War Master can’t remember
Arm - Arms with the AEON skin
Legs- Recruit Tiger